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Why Access Commercial Mortgage?

Why use Access Commercial Mortgage?

The reasons are plenty, but here are a few ...


  • Not bound by one loan committee. We maintain preferred relations with a wide variety of lending sources for you.
  • Multiple lending options. After a thorough study of your lending scenario, we can advise and place your loan with a conventional bank, life insurance company, SBA/USDA agency or a private money lender. They rates vary but you always have a choice.
  • Numerous loan programs. We have hundreds of lending sources that we have very good relationships with. It is these relationships that we call upon to be sure that you are given the most competitive loan available in the market.
  • Fast and free pre-qualifications. We are always happy to work with you and underwrite your potential loan request at no cost.
  • We have hundreds of satisfied customers. Here at Access we pride ourselves on providing integrity and the reliability of execution you require for your complex commercial real estate finance transactions. Working with a certified professional is paramount in today's environment.
  • Fixed terms, long amortizations, and low costs. We understand your pain. Commercial mortgages do not have to be painful or expensive. After a thorough study of your loan scenario, we will sit down with you and advise you of what option meets your goals. You get to decide but we always stick by your side.
  • Broker and client friendly. We have been working with property and owners, brokers, and other professionals since 1998.

We strongly recommend you call us, you will notice the difference in service!